I'm a hip hop artist/producer based in Australia... I'm actually in awe that this has finally happened... your label is a godsend...I've been thinking for along time that the clothing I wear is quite hypocritical as it contains fibres and cottons that are very hurtful to the environment. peace, love and blessings -julian aka inkswel (Hip Hop Artist), Australia

Nice clothes. Organic cotton and fashionable too. Right on. - Green Yoga Association, Oakland, CA

I have just received my pants that I ordered from you a short while ago. They fit very well, are of excellent quality and craftsmanship, and far exceeded my high hopes well worth the money. I would like to pass on my appreciation for your courageous and awesome company. May others discover you and be as pleased as I am! - K. Roland, Marblehead, MA

I love me some MORE TREES!! -rootsgirl, Studio City, CA

This company is an AWESOME vegan, sustainable, hip find. The clothing isn't made for 12 year old girls, or for that fact, by 12 year old girls either. Skinny, Curvy, All of it girls. This company rocks. -Paquita, of Get Skinny, Go Vegan Blog. 

[moreTrees] started as a lot business as far back as '94 and evolved into a larger, stronger, positive, successful clothing company since then. Check 'em out. -Christy, Surrender to the Flow Magazine.

My trance pants arrived yesterday and if you'd just let me gush for a minute...they are wonderful! I'm always wary of buying pants on line since they are the hardest to fit correctly but I've been looking at your site for a long time and decided to give them a try. Boy am I glad! I especially love how there's buttons instead of drawstring, which is hard to find with eco-friendly clothing but the side pull is brilliant. - Grace S., Bloomington, IL

I would do pretty much anything to find a pair of your trance pants in a size 5. I have two, which I have been wearing for years and they are finally starting to look a little less than new. I literally wear them almost every day and they fit me SO WELL and I get so many compliments on them (and I tell people all about them!!). They are literally the best piece of clothing I have ever owned. Thanks and keep up the good work!

-Jenn M., MA

Love the new stuff. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of the ROOTS tees. Good Vibes! Peace, Love, Unity, Respect -yellasone, Silverdale, WA

~~Aloha~~ WOW ~~ I am soooo excited we got your line of clothing out here on the Big Island of Hawaii to sell to our awesome friends and peop's~~ I know it will be a big hit ~~ -C Fox, Hilo, HI

i'm pretty much in love. haha i'm most def. already looking for what to buy! -Fahima, TX

Good to see someone keepin the threads clean...grow on, sew on. -D Birdsong, TX

Love the organic pimpish clothing line you got here. -deS1o, (Artist), Huntsville, AL

It's always good to choose an alternate that stands out from the rest. Keep up the good work. - Code Mango (Electronic Artist), Chicago

love the clothes.. they're rad! do u's sell ur clothing in australia at all by any chance?? - C Cribbin, Australia

your aspirations are admirable and necessary & using wardrobe as a protest is a great idea - Rosie, UK

love the shirts! thank you! -Crystal, Arcata, CA

I really like the concept behind your company.....nice designs too...peace -Dr. Merkaba (Hip Hop Artist), San Diego, CA

"moreTrees" is one of the best names I've ever heard. especially for a green-heart like me... -Populous (DJ / producer), Lecce, Italy