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:: 4.19.12 ::
moreTrees featured in Urban Steez: moreTrees: Smart Style

(excerpt) Urban Steez: Very dynamic, a litte bit of everything, makes a lot of something... What do you feel separates your line from the rest?

moreTrees: We care. About every part of the process, we care deeply. We want happy workers, inspired, intelligent designs, and the smartest materials out there. Did you know conventional cotton is the #1 user of pesticides? It's damaging the health of cotton workers, the soil, and the water. So we use alternatives which actually wind up being softer and more durable. Our clientele help infiltrate a broken system by creating demand for ethical products. We'e still a rare breed but hope to see more and more allies soon.

Urban Steez: Good stuff. Give us a few fashion tips than can be useful?

moreTrees: Self-awareness and self-confidence. You can pull anything off if you're being authentic and not just following the masses. Dare to look within and share the truth of yourself with the world, visually, by creating your own style.

:: 3.25.11 ::
moreTrees featured on Get Skinny, Go Vegan

(excerpt) moreTrees' "Sweetest Sweats" are made of Hemp, Organic Cotton, & a touch of lycra. This company is an AWESOME vegan, sustainable, hip find. The clothing isn't made for 12 year old girls, or for that fact, by 12 year old girls either. Skinny, Curvy, All of it girls. This company rocks.

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:: 11.28.10 ::
moreTrees featured in Surrender to the Flow Magazine

(excerpt) [moreTrees] started as a lot business as far back as '94 and evolved into a larger, stronger, positive, successful clothing company since then. Check 'em out.

:: 4.19.08 ::
moreTrees Creative Director Meghan Clifford interviewed at the Seattle Green Fest by MTV Think Tank

:: 4.28.08 ::
moreTrees featured in the Independent Media Center: moreTrees: Smart Style

:: 10.13.08 ::
moreTrees featured in White Apricot: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle for the Eco & Socially Conscious

:: 2.03.08 ::
moreTrees featured in Lip Magazine's Going Green Issue

:: 10.10.06 ::
moreTrees featured on G Living Network

:: 8.8.06 ::
moreTrees featured in documentary film "Dreadheads"
moreTrees founder and eco-pioneer Meghan Oona Clifford gets interviewed for the movie "Dreadheads," as the founder of tour legend moreTrees.

:: 4.29.06 ::
moreTrees featured on Eco-Chick
(excerpt) [moreTrees is a company that] "began to make organic cotton and hemp clothing that people would actually want to wear."

:: 1.13.06 ::
moreTrees featured on Treehugger
:: 1.12.06 ::
moreTrees featured on Green LA Girl
:: 11.20.05 ::
moreTrees featured in E: The Environmental Magazine

:: 10.05 ::
moreTrees featured in VISION Magazine : Catalyst for Conscious Living
:: 10.05 ::
moreTrees' limited edition hemp scarf featured in Yogi Times
:: 10.04 ::
moreTrees featured in UTNE Magazine