Founded in 2000, moreTrees sells eco-fashion across the globe, and enjoys a cult following of devoted clientele.

We offer urban streetwear made with blends of Organic Cotton, Hemp and Recycled P.E.T. (plastic soda bottles). Everything's designed and Made in America because we want the whole process to be ethical and genuinely sustainable.

moreTrees has been featured on MTV's Think Tank, in E: The Environmental Magazine, The Yogi Times, Vision Magazine, Treehugger, Australia's Lip Magazine, and The Utne Reader.

Organic Cotton

We use Organic Cotton because conventional cotton is the #1 user of pesticides in the world! Conventional cotton production pollutes the water, the soil, workers, and our bodies. Organic Cotton offers a soft, ethical, and luxurious alternative.

Recycled P.E.T.

We also use Recycled P.E.T., made from Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles, which produces an absolutely amazing, versatile, and wrinkle-free fabric.


The story of Hemp is full of scandal and intrigue!

We blend durable and breathable Hemp fabrics because it requires NO pesticides. Therefore, we promote re-legalizing industrial hemp farming in America, which is currently,  and insanely, illegal -- due to corporate lobbying from synthetic and timber competitors back in 1937.

Hemp can provide over 25,000 products, including housing material, fuel, papers, cosmetics, and bioplastics. It used to be illegal NOT to grow hemp in America, because it's such an essential, easily renewable crop.

The transition toward hemp production and other bio-resources can end our damaging dependence on foreign oil, synthetic plastics, clear-cutting forests, and conventional cotton production. Hemp can save our remaining forests, rescue polluted waterways, revitalize the economy for farmers, and ensure that our future biosphere will be breathable. Hemp can stop oil wars!

We Grow Trees!

moreTrees productions has given away over 500 baby trees. We produce videos about urban guerilla gardening. and we plant trees with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai's Greenbelt Movement.

Our Eco-Fashion Pioneer

The moreTrees founder and Creative Director, Meghan Oona Clifford, completed her Bachelors at Evergreen State College in WA in ethical business and fashion design, then obtained her Masters in Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute. She started designing two decades ago, selling her styles on music tours, which evolved into the widely distributed moreTrees label today. 

moreTrees produces the coolest eco street wear ever because our expert designers merge organic green culture with superior tailoring to offer the most flattering fit. Our clientele proudly sport their moreTrees gear to spread the universal message of ecological renewal.