Big Changes Underway!

I don't normally get personal here, so this is a bit weird... but I wanted to a share what I've been up to recently. I've been re-examining this thing we call life and realized it's time to up my game.

In the last years I earned my Masters in Fine Art, and now I'm focused mostly on painting and teaching art workshops! moreTrees has slowly morphed into an art studio! It feels great to move in this new direction, and I want to invite you guys along.

This means that many moreTrees styles will never be made again, and most are already sold out.
 I don't want you guys to be bummed you missed out on a chance to swoop your favorites, so head over to the Merch in my art studio to grab yours now. You can still expect artsy tees, hoodies, and tops to be designed with the same moreTrees flavor (don't panic - still organic!)

Art lovers and artists, you're invited to continue to follow my creative work! Just CLICK HERE. Joining this creative community gets you free instant access to my art studio and all it’s offerings.  Especially if you're a fellow artist, you may want to be alerted when my Creativity Workshops are open!

Thanks for being a part of this amazing community of people who care about our planet - you are so appreciated, xo Meghan Oona, Founder

P.S. I'm so excited to share all this creative juice with this sweet community!  Just CLICK HERE to get your free art and free access to my art studio.